Revlite Laser

If your skin is looking lifeless or dull and is too much damaged due to detrimental ultraviolet rays, then it is the right time to consider going for the laser skin rejuvenation process with the help of Revlite® laser treatment. This can reduce pore size and fine lines and ultimately makes your skin more rejuvenate.


What exactly is this treatment about?

Laser Skin rejuvenation process is one of the non-invasive laser treatments which makes the use of light energy. Some of the amazing positive aspects of this treatment are:

  1. Stimulates the natural growth of collagen and diminishes wrinkles- Collagen is one of the supportive networks of the skin. Unfortunately due to the age we lose collagen and as a consequence fine lines and wrinkles appear on the face. The treatment generates the new collagen and finally eliminates dark spots of aging.
  2. Skin restoration from ultraviolet rays of sun- Excessive sun exposure can lead to increased skin pigmentation, pore size, red areas and discoloration on the skin. Revlite® laser treatment helps to smoothen the texture of skin.
  3. Remove sun spots and dark lesions – The treatment targets to break down all the liver spots, age spots, brown birthmarks and freckles.
  4. Tattoo removal- Revlite® treatment is the perfect laser method for removing deep-sheathed tattoos.


How does this treatment work?

During this treatment, the gentle laser is used which passes the light on the upper skin layer. The heat stimulates collagen growth. The positive effects of this laser method continue even after the treatment and you can observe the difference once your wrinkles and fine lines will be refilled with new produced collagen.


Are there any side effects related to such a treatment?

The Revlite® laser treatment used to rejuvenate the skin is one of the safest laser treatments in the global market today. The long the treatment performed by the trained medical experts, the little is the chance to get complications. This treatment is highly safe for all the skin types.